40% of lawyers' time
is consumed by document creation
Paperwork is a huge time killer. Using AI, frees lawyers from this monotonous routine.
Are you a lawyer or a typist?
Using the latest technology, seamlessly automates your workflow and contract management while keeping your clients and employees happy. You can build and replicate templates, automate your approvals process, collaborate on documents and build a reliable centralized knowledge base for your entire team.

Endless documents keep your attorneys
from doing their best work

Nothing lowers job satisfaction more quickly than asking highly-skilled employees to spend
a ton of time processing documents. Thankfully, can help.
80% of the documents
in the companies are routine but they still have to be checked
Manually checking forms is a huge waste of resources. Universal templates allow any employee to create a legal document without the need for verification.
1 in 5 employee documents
contain errors and inaccuracies
Humans make mistakes; our tech doesn’t. Thanks to a flexible template and no manual data entry, ensures all of your documents are completely accurate.
2 billable days per week
are consumed by manual data entry
Manual data entry is inefficient and error-prone. automatically loads information for you thanks to CRM and practice management system integration.
Focus on your work. Let do the rest.
Discover how can transform your legal team today.
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Transform routine documents into interactive templates

Systematize your company's document database by developing automated forms for often-used documents.
Correct inconsistent contract language with universal templates.
Connect with Microsoft Office 365
Design templates in Microsoft Word, a tool you already know and love, and they’ll be automatically synced with and stored in
Create a library of common language
Save commonly used blocks of texts to your block library and stop wasting time searching, copying, and pasting.
Templates that grow with you
Our customizable forms and templates adapt to your workflow and the needs of particular

Create smart and sound documents in

Any employee will be able to make legally sound, error free documents using interactive templates.
An intuitive system for lawyers
and clients alike
Your clients will love as much as your
lawyers do. The system empowers them
to quickly handle contract matters and answer
their own questions.
Workflows that work
for any contract or case
Thanks to AI, collects data directly
from case files and turns it into an agreement
and an automated workflow.
Keep using the other
tools you love
Our product plays nicely with Microsoft Azure
Active Directory, Word and Office 365, and more
to help you speed up document preparation
and negotiation.
Automate your workflow, save time, keep clients happy,
and speed up deals with
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Top-Notch Security

AES-256 bit encryption and a firewall ensure that all of your files are safeguarded from any attacks and that you are HIPAA compliant. ‍

Our comprehensive security system stops risks before they can occur and keeps your information safe at all times. is SOC 2, Type II compliant.
We’ll handle the paperwork so that you
can focus on what matters.
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